Friday, January 29, 2010

My Refrigerator Compressor Is Making Noise Refrigerator Compressor Is Overheating, What Do I Do?

Refrigerator compressor is overheating, what do I do? - my refrigerator compressor is making noise

He makes a strong passion for approximately 10 seconds, then stops, I hear from the compressor. I cleaned the coils of the night, and when I reconnected, it worked (after all warmed up and I lost half of my meal). It went so far within about 24 hours, the excitement began again, so I disconnected. The compressor feels warm. What should I do? What could be the problem?


Cannibal said...

When the compressor is humming, then the relay on the compressor is bad. If you are a technician to call, tell him you want a 3 in 1 starter. It consists of an overload relay and a capacitor in a single device. It takes just minutes to install, and you can do for information on getting how to do. You can e-mail, you save a few hundred dollars and do this work themselves.
You can use a 3 in 1 device can be found on a repair equipment for about $ 20.00 but if you have a mechanic and she looked round $ 200.00

Chris said...

move away from the wall as far as possible ..... Top of the compressor is hot anyway ... It is the pressure side of the compressor

... That sounds like a defective relay. Capacitor could be the beginning or to allow the replacement of the existing or potential stuck and not allow the commencement of the liquidation or abandonment or lack

Mr. Bear said...

It seems that you need professional help.
Compressors implementation rather hot in any way, but should not sound that you describe languages without pressure, and an ammeter, or simply want to guess just what might be wrong.

The Captain Of The Heart said...

Sounds like he's dead ... sorry ....
Call an appliance dealer that services for refrigerators and ask the same question ... I think we will find bad news .... .... sorry

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